Well, what can be said for all the rain we're experiencing this summer? It's felt more like Autumn, and a cold one at that.  I can't remember the last time I had to put the heating back on to timer in mid June.  Let's hope the weather gets much better as from the 22nd of June, I have events every weekend for seven weeks, all of which are outside. 
 Fingers crossed.
After a long period of thinking very hard about what I was going to do over the Christmas period, I have decided that it's better the devil you know, and will be back in Union Square every day from 18th November - 22nd December.  I have a few other options, and was very tempted to try them out, but I have been 'talked into' going back for that period and I guess it's not the worst I could do.  I will, however, be continuing to search for and build on ways in which my business becomes less reliant on another business and thrives on its own,  as it has been doing this year with all the events I've done so far.
Til' next time. 

It's been a fantastic start to the summer season, although the weather could be a little more forgiving, especially seeing as all my events coming up are outside, but then I am judging it by last years fantastic summer, so I won;t complain too much. :-).  I'm really looking forward to the Highland Games coming up and already have one in the bag.  Last weekend was the first of the season at Gordon Castle and it was a great day and a fantastic turnout, so thank you to all who visited my tent and commented on/bought my work.  My little trial run of fridge magnets has gone down really well, so that's something I'll keep producing over the summer months.  I'll decide later on whether it's something I can do during the Autumn/Winter season on the lead up to Christmas as space is tight at the events I do at that time of year, depending on where I'll end up this year.  
After a topsy turvy couple of weeks, I feel I am back on track with the business.  I will no longer be in Union Square with The Crafters Roadshow,  but never fear, I have lots of exciting new ventures lined up, and some of them have been confirmed already, so pop on over to the 'Where To Find Me' section to see new dates and venues and keep an eye here for more news to come soon.

I've been asked on many occasions if I ever do NEOS (North East Open Studios), and, Great News! I'm doing it this year for the first time and I'm really looking forward to it. I don't have a studio, per se, but I do have a cute little summer house that will stand in for one, and once I get it hung and set up with everything that needs to be in there, I think it'll look great.  I only hope not too many people turn up at the same time or I'll have to set up seating outside.  :-)  But really, I do hope a few people will pop along.  It runs from September 14th - September 23rd and I'm open 11-4 most days except Saturdays, when I'll be open 9-4.

Hey, and welcome to the new NEWS page on my site.  This is where you will find everything that is happening in the world of Johnny Forbes Photography, and when I remember to, I'll update here as well as my social networks with events and any randomness I can think of at the time.
Recently, we just got back from a trip away in the West Coast and Skye, and what a trip it was.  It was planned as an attempt to get some great images of all the well known sites, and although I got a few good shots, the light was pretty flat and it poured down almost incessantly from the Friday night until we left on the Sunday morning.  I did, however get some great shots of Highland Coos and the mountains, as well as almost having a nervous breakdown trying to get the traditional black and white, slow shutter shot of Buachaille Etive Mor (The mountain in Glen Etive with the famous falls in front of them)  Long shutter speeds and torrential rain don't mix, so it was a case of hopping in and out of the car, and running across a boggy piece of ground when it looked like it might stay off for a few minutes.  Needless to say, it took a while.  
Also in Skye, we had the best Cullin Skink we've ever tasted at The Isles Inn in Portree.  I've just made it myself for the first time and it's not exactly great!  I don't think I used enough fish.

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